9 species haul from Portsmouth last week. No flavoured lures were harmed in the making of this blog.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of fake baits on the blog recently. This was an active decision that I’ve been planning for some time. I have been telling myself that once I hit 50 lure species I would ease up highlighting Isome catches, unless they were really special. Because after all, how many more Isome posts does this blog need?! If you want to learn the basics and get instant bites with Isome and Gulp then there are literally hundreds of posts on this website to motivate you and find fun fishing.

So on Friday I headed off to Portsmouth Harbour to fish a slight gap in the appalling weather we’ve been having lately. With just a bag of plastics, jig heads and metals I started off in Old Portsmouth.

It was far from an easy day to be fishing ultralight but I kept grinding away and converting the bites best I could. Several hours later, I found myself in Gosport in the early hours of the next day with my phone showing that I’d walked a distance of 7.5 miles! Best of all, I had caught a respectable 9 species on soft-plastic lures and metals.

The list of species was Ballan Wrasse, Corkwing Wrasse, Black Goby, Rock Goby, Pollack, Bass, Mackerel, Scad and a Lesser Weever.

Most of the day I managed to fish with jig heads of a gram or less. When the wind was blowing its hardest I had to increase to 1.5g to stay in touch but this had the effect of worsening hook-up rate so I switched over to Nano Metals, up to 3g. In fact it was a metal that found the Lesser Weever, casting from the shore. Probably the most unusual fish of the day.

In terms of soft-plastic lures, you’ll always find HTO Knight Worms in my bag for a session like this. They are available in a great range of colours to suit water clarity and different prey items. But best of all they are good value for money and I don’t mind cutting them to length to suit what I am targeting, or the jig head I am using. There’s a previous post on how I rig HTO Knight Worms.

Then in the evening, as darkness came and thankfully the wind eased, I switched over to full Ajing mode with sub-gram Aji-style jig heads and 2-inch plastics from Reins. I’ve been having a lot of success with the Reins Aji Meat lures this year and they are starting to clock up the catches. This night they caught Mackerel, Pollack, Bass and Scad (Aji / Horse Mackerel). The Scad was mostly what I had hoped to catch, so I was really pleased. I wish I lived closer to repeat this kind of fishing more often.

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