LRF Fishing Blogs

If you’ve already read every page of my Light Rock Fishing Blog then firstly, congratulations, but if you are still hungry for more you might want to check out these websites from other members of the LRF family:

Ben Bassett Fishing Blog
Ben Bassett Fishing Blog – Light Rock Fishing blog of Ben Bassett, covering the range of LRF and fish species on offer in the South-West of England
Lure and Light Game
Lure and Light Game – Blog of Lee Goddard, HTO prostaff and LRF lure designer. Historically based in North Wales but now Suffolk
Hooked On Lure Fishing Blog
Hooked On Lure Fishing – Andy Mytton’s Blog. Co-author of the popular, 2019 book, “Hooked on Lure Fishing” and purveyor of all things lure fishing
Luremaniac – Blog of Dimitrios Chariskos. Based in Portree on the beautiful Isle of Sky, Dimitrios uses modern lure fishing techniques to successfully target the local fish population
Cornwall Lure Fishing
Cornwall Lure Fishing – Picture heavy micro-blog by Luke Fox that was certainly part of the inspiration behind
Matt Newcombe's Blog
Matt Newcombe’s Blog – A look down memory lane to the early days of UK Light Game, lure fishing around Plymouth with the now legendary Matt Newcombe.
Finesse Fishing Blog
Finesse Fishing Blog – A snapshot of the early years of UK LRF with Andrew Younger’s finesse fishing blog, including lots of great tackle.
Light Game Blog
Light Game Blog – Alex Santoro lives and fishes in Light Game nirvana – the Italian island of Sicily. Although not in English you’ll enjoy all the pictures. Alex’s slogan is ‘Light is better’. We agree
Something Fishy Going On
Something Fishy Going On – Scott Hutchison is a bit of a species legend. Has a European species list to die for. Every holiday I seem to end up on Scott’s website trying to identify something unusual
John Wheeler Lure Fishing
J R Wheeler Lure Fishing – Blog of John Wheeler. Consultant for Sakura and among many other things, advocate for the Bait Finesse style of fishing
Next Generation Angling
Next Generation Angling – Will Harding’s excellent rock fishing blog. Will’s fishing centres around the beautiful coastline of Weymouth and Portland in Dorset
Lurefish Ireland
Lurefish Ireland – Dublin based Dave Fitzpatrick blogs about his lure fishing experiences. His lure caught Flounder captures are worthy of a follow alone
Rock Fishing Spain
Rock Fishing Spain – Truly amazing photography and a vast range of fish species caught Rock Fishing by Sam Bosch over in Spain
South East Lure Angling
Jay La Roche’s Blog – Jay resides in the South East of Ireland and successfully targets many species of fish on the lure, including mini species with LRF methods
Schogsky and Hutch
Schogsky and Hutch Fishing Adventures – Jake Schogler and Scott Hutchison are two mad keen anglers based in Scotland with a real devotion to catching every fish species they can. Plenty of LRF