Barry Docks

Change of scenery. Thought we’d head West instead of South for a change. After a bit of internet research I decided upon Barry Docks in Wales.

What’s put me off of Wales until now is how far West you have to travel to get clear of the brown, muddy water of the River Severn. But Barry Docks in the Vale of Glamorgan is effectively a giant saltwater lake, having a lock gate controlling the flow of water. It also means you don’t need to worry about the state of tide. There’s always water.

The water is crystal clear so natural methods will work well. There’s a ton of life in there. Namely a huge quantity of mussels. Lots to be encouraged by.

I barely scratched the surface. In fact I only had gobies. But again, encouragingly they were of a really good size meaning the venue hasn’t been smashed to death. I also had a goby on a metal jig, testament to the clear water and healthy ecosystem.

Look forward to getting back there.