Colourful Pollack on AquaWave Mushi

The AquaWave Mushi is not new to this website. It’s one of my favourite lures for lots of species when the conditions allow me to throw tiny lures and jig-heads. I got that chance again recently and set about seeing what species I could catch.

The Mushi is a great rock-pooling lure. Fished on a half gram jighead you can flick it into gaps under rocks and see who is at home. The best adversary here is the Giant Goby. A true predator and the toughest critter you’re likely to come up against in this environment. Double-hard, if you can stay unnoticed the Giant Goby will hit the lure with insane ferocity. I found one that measured 21cm! That’s a serious goby.

In addition, I found wrasse, pollack and even managed to trick a Common Blenny into eating the unflavoured Mushi. Really great fun.