Shimano Soare CI4 C2000SSPG
Shimano Soare CI4 with 34 Zerogra III Parts
During my time in Japan, I gained the opinion that the Shimano Soare CI4 C2000 was a bit of a staple among Japanese Light Game anglers. The kind of reel that every other is judged against. It feels like a reel that we should have easy access to in Europe, but apart from the odd few getting through, I don’t think it is yet. Shame.

This Soare CI4+ C2000 SSPG was spied wearing the neat Zerogra III double handle and balancer from 34, in cherry blossom pink. All the Japanese Light Game brands are cool, but 34 are probably a nose in front. Therefore, this is a pretty cool combo. [seen in-hand at the Osaka Fishing Show 2018]