Back from a top week in Spain visiting my mum. It was minging hot, so snorkelling was mostly the preferred pastime but I did get to flex the travel rod here and there, trying to notch up the species count.

In the end I think I ended up with; Two-banded Bream, Rainbow Wrasse, Painted Comber, Annular Bream, Red-mouth Goby, Ornate Wrasse, Black Goby and a solitary Garfish. My mum also managed a Scad. We barely scratched the surface to be honest.

Speaking of my mother, it’s been good to go fishing with her once again. We used to be members of the same fishing club and used to go out on a charter boat every couple of months. She’s not done much fishing since moving to Spain over a decade ago, but she’s really liking the fun feeling of LRF tactics and the casual, no faff approach. I’ve left her with some Isome, so hopefully I’ll get a report or two!

For reference, fishing took place around Costa Blanca, including Torrevieja breakwater.