Mediterranean Grouper

Another fab holiday to Greece. This time the island of Kefalonia. One of the Ionian Islands. I always seem to find the fishing good here.

Visiting Kefalonia in the first half of May presented me with ultra clear water conditions. This can prove to be hard work if you’re not prepared to scale down. I fished with a an LRF travel rod with light braided line, but it proved important to use a long, light, fluorocarbon leader. I utilised a 3lb leader for the whole of my stay and that seemed to do the trick.

I kept the lures fairly small too. All under two inches long, and for whatever reason I stayed away from the metals this trip and stuck to soft plastics. Mainly because I was having so much fun fishing the wind method (darting). My most successful lure of the holiday was the Aquawave Spark 40. I tiny, rigid, darting bait that has a fab action on 2 to 4 gram darting jig heads.

The darting action of the wind method proved important for the clear water conditions because it triggered reaction bites from various species. Through the holiday I proved that slower methods just resulted in giving wary fish too much time to examine the lure. A moving bait proved much better, generating some urgency.

Fish wise, there were lots of highlights. I finally bumped into my first Bluefish in the Mediterranean. They lived up to their hype with fast runs and lots of acrobatics. Proper set of gnashers on them!

I had a good session with a good number of Striped Seabream. Until this point I had thought that this species was the least predatory of all the Med seabream, but that proved not to be the case with lots of positive bites on a relatively fast darting method. I’ve definitely undervalued them before now. Always a great looking fish though.

In addition to those, I found a couple of hard fighting Blue Runner that always take me back to catching small Trevally species in Australia. A little brute.

I managed to trick a small bass in the local harbour at Katelios on a tiny, sub-1-inch soft plastic. Which was great because it all happened at close quarters, meaning I got to see the catch in plain sight from start to finish.

And of course, it’s always a highlight to catch the various mini grouper species found around the Greek coastline. Proper mini rock fishing.