Corkwing Wrasse Pink Rockpool

Mixed LRF fishing in East Cornwall this bank holiday weekend.

Had a few days in Cornwall with the better half. Managed to grab a bit of LRF here and there. Highlights included lots of small bass to metal. Both open beach and estuary work. Mixed in with them were a few small Mackerel, including one of only 11cm. My smallest ever! Tons of bait around. Mostly sprat from what I could see.

A bit of early morning rockpooling was Corkwing heavy until I stumbled across a Giant Goby on my way back before breakfast. Nice to find one on a different mark.

Carried a cut-down selection of wrassing gear with me on an 8-mile coastal walk but the mark I ended up choosing was clearly a popular one and I fished hard for a single fish. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Worth it for that wrasse-tonk!