Baillon's Wrasse on Soft Plastic Lure
My second Baillon’s Wrasse on an unflavoured soft plastic lure! Again, it was an AquaWave lure that tempted the red-finned wrasse. In August of 2018 I caught a Baillons on an AquaWave Mushi creature. But this time it was the AquaWave Ami shrimp pattern in Sodium colour.

I don’t catch enough Baillon’s Wrasse for this capture to be unremarkable. But it was especially noteworthy because I actively made the switch from Isome to plastic to catch the fish. I feel there are certain scenarios where Isome can be out-fished by a lifelike soft plastic lure. When the water is crystal clear, as it is now, and when localised fish have seen a lot of flavoured fake baits. Swanage Pier ticked both of those boxes yesterday. And what do you know, first fish on the Ami was a nice, colourful Baillons. Trust your gut!

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