Prime Angling JDM Tackle
Earlier this year, myself and the team from Prime Angling visited the greatest tackle show on the planet – the Osaka Fishing Show, in Japan. Part of the reason we went was to pick out the hottest, new lure fishing equipment for the new Prime Angling website. Of course, LRF tackle featured heavily!

I’m pleased to say that first iteration of the new Prime Angling website is now live, and a host of JDM products have landed in the UK and have been added to the site.

I just had a quick look across the website and have picked out some stand-out items that I liked at the show:

  • The INSANE 34 Advancement 5’10 0.3-3g – a hyper-rod built to celebrate 34’s 10th anniversary, you know they pulled out all the stops
  • 34 Freely Light Game Case – not new, but one of the coolest iterations of this super slim case
  • A fine array of Daiichiseiko tools – the vmajority of which I have been using for a number of years now – one of my favourite JDM brands
  • There’s a Daiwa Gekkabijin Air TW PE Special 8.5L saltwater bait finesse baitcastering reel that I’m pretty sure I ordered for myself but it ended up on the website :0)
  • Daiwa Gekkabijin Run Gun Case looks mega
  • A fine array of my favourite Decoy assist hooks
  • G-nius Project SHK Wired dropshot weight holder – a typically Japanese solution to a common problem
  • JungleGym is a team favourite and the tungsten Jaco Head jig heads are super sexual
  • JungleGym Magtank in orange and the super useful JungleGym Light Game Stocker pouches are cool storage options
  • Little Jack Micro Addicts in 2g have landed – one of the best looking nano metals in my opinion – would make a lovely pair of earrings for the love of your life!
  • Selection of Magbite Mag Tanks – the OG
  • Marukyu Fish Gabu-Cho may be the coolest fake baits yet – certainly the most fun!
  • Selection of Reins JDM Aji softbaits – it’s so good to see these back in the country!
  • Continuing the Reins renaissance, a lime green Ringer Raz 72UL has found its way in – definitely still would!
  • Great selection of Reins storage options – a fave on this site
  • If you’re a bit bored of Meiho, check out what Ring Star has to offer your storage problems – some practical designs in great colours
  • Sunline Shooter FC Sniper is in, down to 5lb – in my mind THE best fluorocarbon mainline on the planet
  • For the aging lurist, like me, you definitely need the Tict Guide Through tool to assist with threading line through your guides – a must at a little under four quid!
  • A touch of light game luxury with the Tict Minimalist Instanet – check out this insane JDM design!
  • Yarie is an underutilised Light Game brand in the UK – I really rate their jig heads – we’ve dipped our toe in the water with the Aji Meba heads down to goby-slaying size 14 – try them, you’ll like them, I promise
  • And of course, Marukyu Isome and Gulp are well stocked too!
  • Here’s a link to the lure fishing section: Visit Prime Angling – Lure Fishing