Larger Ecogear Aqua
This box of Ecogear Aqua normally lives on the boat and mainly gets used early in the season, about now. In our neck of the woods, sub 10C water temps can be tricky. The fish are there (as we can see them on the sounder) but they show very little interest in hunting prey. A lure saturated with flavour like these from the Ecogear Aqua range can convert a few more fish. Because we’re talking early season here, the two species that come to mind are Plaice and early Bream. You will see these lures used successfully among the pages of this blog. Mainly they are the excellent Ecogear Aqua Milfle curl-tail and the much more subtle Swim Shrimp and Bream Prawn. The slightly larger size than normal LRF style lures can also help convince a few more fish that it’s worth coming out of their cold water coma.