YGK Lonfort Real Dtex Premium WX8

Without doubt the very best braid I have used to date. Certainly the most expensive! YGK Lonfort Real Dtex Premium WX8.

It physically hurt me when I handed over my cash to pay for this line. I had heard really good things about Lonfort Real Dtex but its ludicrous price point had always kept me at arms length. Then on my trip to Japan in 2018 I stumbled across a spool of 0.3PE on offer. Even with the discount it was still the most expensive line I had ever bought. A definite holiday purchase!

How expensive is it? Well a quick scan of the internet today and the price in Europe for the 0.3PE is an eye-watering 70 Euros (around 60 quid). If that doesn’t make you recoil in horror, you only get 90m for that money. Yes, it’s 66p a meter!

Luckily it’s good. It’s very good. I’m not going to pretend to understand the technical spec of this braid, but at 9lb breaking strain for 0.3PE, it’s already pretty special. At the time it was created I believe it was considered the ‘strongest’ braided line for its diameter. On top of premium materials, YGK’s WX8 process takes the ultra fine fibres and creates a beautifully smooth and round line. Lonfort Real Dtex is supple. It feels like a quality braid. It’s not stiff at all. From my initial use of this mainline, I can say it’s really quiet. An important attribute that a lot of anglers fail to consider when choosing a braided line.

Colour is a mix of green and blue.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Lonfort Real Dtex has a unique / specific gravity. It makes sense to me that finer fibres must create a braided line with less air trapped within it. So potentially it might sink better than standard braid. A great attribute for finesse fishing at depth. But wasted on the canal. I will endeavour to work this out on the deeper reservoirs this year.