Nikko Sandworm Lures

Something on my list to try – Nikko Baits range of small soft plastic lures.

I got to fondle Nikko’s range of lures at the Osaka show. I’d seen their baby Octopus lures when then came into Europe via Ultimate Fishing, but I hadn’t realised that they had such a diverse range in Japan. Nikko has a slogan – ‘next generation soft baits’ – and looking at their list of features that seems like a fair statement.

Nikko lures have a lot going for them. Firstly, they are biodisintegratable, and therefore futureproof. But unlike other biodegradable lures, they are tough. The material seems to have the best of everything – heavily scented, super soft and supple, plus they are buoyant. If a Marukyu Isome made love to Zman lure, you would have the Nikko Dappy Sandworm!

The images here highlight the lures I thought were most suitable for UK LRF:

  • Nikko Dappy Sandworm – that shape and profile you already love in a 3.3″ offering
  • Nikko Super Little Crabs – a cute, little 1″ cram imitation available in a range of colours and tough enough to stand up to tough rockfish
  • Nikko Dappy Firefly Squid – 3-inch squid lure that I can’t help feel would be great for big seabream and many other species
  • Nikko Pin Straight Worms – a classic Aji-style pintail lure measuring 1.9″