Red Meiho Rungun Case
Thought I’d share an image of the contents in my red Meiho Rungun Case. This has been my main LRF bits box for many seasons now.

In the non-slit-foam side I keep all the hardware I need to make various LRF rigs. Split shot for the Split Shot Rig. Cheburashka weights for the Cheb Rig. Cone sinkers for light Texas Rig and Carolina Rig, plus small swivels and beads. Then I have drop shot weights for the Dropshot Rig, with a couple of heavy (10g) ones for windy conditions. I have a load of red, Decoy Shore Drop weights for my ‘Posh Isome Rig‘. Then on the right-hand-side it gets a bit messy. There’s a mix of metal hardware like lure clips, some rubber stops, silicone tube, nail sinkers and top-right, HTO Soft Bait Savers (used in Texas rigging).

What do you carry in yours?

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