Split Shot Rig

The simplest of all LRF rigs – the Split Shot Rig.

The Split Shot Rig is as simple as a hook tied on the end of your fluorocarbon leader, with a split shot or string of split shot locked a few inches above. The distance between the hook and the shot is entirely up to you. Increased distance increases the free movement of the lure but can reduce feel. Start with around three inches if you want a starting point.

As ever, match the size of the hook to the lure. Although I do sometimes use soft-plastics with this rig, it’s mainly the rig of choice for Isome and Gulp Sandworm. So I prefer a longer hook-shank. Something like an Aberdeen style hook. A size 10 or 12 hook is about right for mini species, but you can of course go smaller depending on the target.

Too easy.