Cheb Rig
I’m no real fan of the Cheb rig but it does offer the LRF angler a solution to the challenge of fishing small hooks with heavier weights, in a style close to Jighead. The Cheb, or Cheburashka rig is effectively an articulated jig head. Whereby there is a joint between the weight and the hook. Cheb weights are purchased separately and you fit your chosen hook via the removable metal clip. Unlike standard jig heads, this gives the LRF angler almost infinite flexibility in choosing weight and hook size combinations. If you want a 10g head with a size 12 then as long as you can find a hook with a big enough eye to fit over the wire loop, you’ve got it! There are many dedicated hook styles by various manufacturers that feature an oversize eye for fishing the Cheb rig. Don’t be mislead that they are all offset hooks. There are straight shank, J-style hooks too. Gamakatsu Single 31 is one example. If you want tiny hooks, the red Decoy SG-3 also has an oversize eye.