Cultiva JH-83 Jig Head
Cultiva JH-83 Ecogear Aqua
My number one favourite jig head for thin fake baits like Isome, Gulp and Ecogear Aqua is the Cultiva JH-83 Mebaru Bullet.

Without doubt, the size 10 JH-83 has outperformed pretty much every other jighead I’ve tried for targeting small-mouthed species with thin lures – especially fake baits like Marukyu Isome. The stand-out feature of this Cultiva jig head is the ultra-long hook shank, combined with small hook sizes. This allows you to use a fairly long piece of Isome worm – which is ultimately more attractive than a small piece – but position the hook-point somewhere near the middle of the bait. When targeting mini species, or fish with small mouths, this can see a marked improvement on your hook-up-rate. Particularly compared to a long piece of Isome with a hook at one end. Those Corkwing always seem to know hey?!

The #10 JH-83 is available in 0.4g and 1g. The 1g is perhaps more useful. If you need to go heavier, step up to the #8 which goes up to 1.5g & 2g. But my preference is the size 10 in 1 gram.

The hook-point isn’t the best. It’s great out the packet but will need some love if you use it over multiple sessions. Just give it a tickle with a small hook sharpening stone. Small price to pay for a great LRF jig head.

Cultiva also do a luminous / glow painted version of the JH-83 called the JH-83G. Perhaps a good shout for poor water clarity.