Prime Angling JDM
Great news this week. Prime Angling have gotten around to adding their range of imported LRF gear from Japan. Prime has been importing Japanese tackle to the UK for a while but with all the priorities and three lockdowns to negotiate, it’s only just made the top of the list. But now the inventory is all starting to appear online and is available to all of us – not just the locals and those mental people that still use… telephones!

As I write, Prime is doing a mini stock-take so expect more JDM trinkets to be added, but to give you an idea of the goodness on offer, right now I can see;

  • Power Isome (JDM) – including the new blue-packet ‘Mini’
  • Gulp Japan Sandworm and Baby Sardines (and new shapes)
  • Power Isome liquid
  • The iconic SV-70 Rocket Magic heads
  • Decoy Shore hooks
  • DJ-95 – my favourite UL assist hooks of all time
  • 1.5g slow jigs from Jungle Gym (as seen on this blog)
  • the new Duo Tetra Works starter kits
  • Gekkabijin LT2000 from Daiwa
  • Ecogear Pocket In sets
  • World-beating Shirasu Fine Heads in #10 0.9g (probably won more Perch comps than any other jighead)
  • the list goes on!
  • Here’s the link: Visit Prime Angling – LRF