LRF Travel Rods
A selection of LRF travel rods I’ve been using over the past few years. From left to right;

Abu Garcia Japan Salty Stage Colors – SCS-724LT-KR – a great looking rod, especially against the bright blue sea and sky around the Med. Bit more regular in action. Has a genuine LRF tubular tip. 7’2″ long. 4-sections. Rated 0.6-8g

Sakura Shinjin Neo – SINS-704L – a nicely made rod in a nice neoprene rod sleeve. Not sure what happened with the casting rating here. Listed as 2-7g but it lives up to the ‘L’ (Light) categorisation in its model number. More like a 12 or 14g rod. It’s my weapon of choice if I hire a self-drive boat in the Mediterranean. Tubular tip. 7′ long. 4-piece. Ignore their rating!

HTO Rock Rover – mainstay LRF rod for myself and many others each year on their holidays. Most importantly, it behaves just like a standard 2-piece LRF rod. You instantly forget you are using a travel rod. The real bonus here is the additional tip section. You get one solid tip and one tubular. The solid tip is just perfect for chasing minis and racking up a big species count with delicate rigs. The tubular tip adds a bit more grunt and is capable of launching small metals and bigger plastic lures. I’ve caught quite a few bass on the tubular tip and it works fantastically. Solid and tubular tip. 6’11” in length. 4+1 sections. Casting weight 2-7g