500th PostAmazingly, this is the 500th post on the Light Rockfishing Blog! When I set this website up in 2011 I knew LRF was going to be an interesting ride, but had no idea just how much lure fishing would take over my angling (okay, my life). From LRF to wrasse, boat, bass and freshwater I’m enjoying the ride. But despite so many distractions I’ve tried to stay dedicated to this little LRF blog and here we are – the 500th post.

To mark this milestone I thought I’d tot up the total number of lure-caught UK saltwater fish species I’ve caught to date. Mostly because I’ve never done it, but also because alongside learning a balanced approach to fishing, species count is undoubtedly the gift LRF has given me. And still keeps giving, with my first Baillons Wrasse last year and Topknot just last month. Here goes…

  1. Ballan Wrasse
  2. Black Bream
  3. Pouting
  4. Squid
  5. Pollack
  6. Black Goby
  7. Long Spined Sea Scorpion
  8. Rock Goby
  9. Bass
  10. Dragonet
  11. Mackerel
  12. Shanny
  13. Corkwing Wrasse
  14. Tub Gurnard
  15. Sand Smelt
  16. Allis Shad
  17. Tompot Blenny
  18. Flounder
  19. Plaice
  20. Thick Lipped Mullet
  21. Scad
  22. Garfish
  23. Cuttlefish
  24. Goldsinny Wrasse
  25. Whiting
  26. Thornback Ray
  27. Thin Lipped Mullet
  28. Lesser Sandeel
  29. Launce
  30. Rock Cook Wrasse
  31. Lesser Weever
  32. Giant Goby
  33. Poor Cod
  34. Smoothhound
  35. Leopard Spotted Goby
  36. Red Mullet
  37. Sand Goby
  38. Cuckoo Wrasse
  39. Turbot
  40. Baillons Wrasse
  41. Cod
  42. Topknot

A couple of cephalopods sneaked in there, but super happy with 42. Plenty more to catch. Pretty sure a Common Goby has sneaked past me somewhere along the way. And there’s that unfinished business with a Conger Eel. Better get cracking! Tight lines everyone