Greater Weever

Wow, what an awesome time we had on holiday in Lefkas, Greece. I fished mainly around the resort of Nydri on the east coast, fishing in the mornings and evenings when I had an hour or so each time. The fishing was excellent, managing 20 different species, all on soft-plastic or metal lures.

I think I’ve finally cracked it with regards to what lures to take to the Med. Tiny metal jigs work extremely well from the numerous jetties and harbour areas where you have a good depth of water in front of you. I only took my nano-metal box with me (sub 3.5g) but in hindsight I should have probably taken a few 5 and 7g too. Make sure you match the assist hooks appropriately to your quarry. I used size 10 assists from Decoy.

I also took a number of soft-plastic lures with me, but not wishing for these to be repeatedly destroyed by wrasse and bream I limited my choice to three brands – HTO Stinkpots and the entire Aquawave range for smaller lures, plus Z-man for larger soft-plastics. All of these lures are made from the super-stretchy material that resists teeth and beaks. I didn’t lose a single tail all week. Across the three brands you have creature, worm and fish replicas. Word of warning, this type of lure material does not stand up well to extreme heat. A lesson learned on a previous holiday where temperatures in the high 30s melted or deformed some of my lures. It’s fine when you’re fishing, just don’t leave them out in the sun like I did!

The species list caught was as follows:
1 Bass
2 Gilthead Bream
3 Two-banded Seabream
4 Annular Seabream
5 White Seabream
6 Bastard Grunt
7 Painted Comber
8 Brown Comber
9 Comber
10 Black Scorpionfish
11 Black Goby
12 Rock Goby
13 Giant Goby
14 Goldblotch Grouper
15 East Atlantic Peacock Wrasse
16 Rainbow Wrasse
17 Grey Wrasse
18 Greater Weever
19 Lizardfish
20 False Scad