Perch on Orange HTO Bug-ga

With an icy cold wind chilling the canal I thought the Perch might need a bigger meal to get them moving today. So I spent the afternoon with HTO’s creature baits – the Bug-ga and the Paddle Bug. Both fit nicely on a 1.5g Maikuro jighead and with the extra weight of the lure, was enough to combat the breeze today.

Without doubt, the Bug-ga is my favourite of the two. With 1.5g the combo has a lovely fall rate, resulting in the creature standing to attention upon hitting the deck. The canal was crystal clear today and perfect to try out different techniques. I definitely felt more confident with the creatures when I reached the siltier sections. With the amazing clarity I could see puffs of silt as I hopped the lure along. On the pauses, the lure would wave enticingly through the resulting ‘cloud’. Reckon this would draw┬áin hungry fish over quite some distance.

Anyway, the proof was in the pudding. And I’m glad to say I had a dozen or so Perch. The biggest going 38cm. My stingy scales said 2lb 3oz. Warmed me up.