Over visiting my mother in Spain at the moment. Got the chance to fish for a few hours today. Nothing too serious – just a bit of fun with a handful of tackle and a pack of Isome. As ever, my mum caught the best fish of the day! #standard 

Fished a mixture of dropshot, split shot and jighead. In fact, I really enjoyed Jighead. I tend to fall into the trap of fishing the split shot rig for small fish these days, but I miss the directness of fishing Jighead. New year’s resolution perhaps?

The water was crystal clear on a bright, sunny day and although that made fishing hard (even with 1lb and 2lb line) it was great for watching what actions and techniques attracted the fish (or scared them away). All sight fishing is great fun – even with 3-inch gobies!

Unfortunately I couldn’t engage with any of the mullet, bass or bigger bream species today, but I did catch a load of different gobies, a weever and a small Bogue.

It’s the first time I’ve had a Red Mouth Goby. The first one I had was a bit of a beast. Beautiful colours.

My mother managed to hook a Red Mullet on the dropshot but unfortunately it dropped off when it was lifted from the water. That would have made a great photo! Have been chasing that one for a while.

Rod: Sonik SK4 Travel Spin 1-10g
Reel: Shimano Twin Power 1000
Line: 2lb Fluorocarbon / 1lb Nanofil
Lures: Marukyu Isome
Techniques: Jighead / Split Shot / Dropshot