New Power Isome
For the first time it was clear that Marukyu wanted to make some distinction between its Power Isome product and their Ecogear lure brand. In contrast to last year’s Tackle and Guns show, Marukyu decided to host a separate stand for Ecogear (more on that later), while keeping the main stand exclusively for its many bait products. But while Ecogear arguably had a smaller presence when compared to last year, Power Isome – or Marukyu Isome as it’s now called – got a big presence on the main stand, complete with authentic, Japanese scientist in lab coat!

The scientist was authentic enough that when he asked me to taste Isome, I went against my concerns and participated. I’m not sure I enjoyed the experience all that much but at least I can say good enough for the fish, good enough for me. They can put that on my headstone if I don’t make it through the rest of the day…

On show was the new Isome packaging and colours we highlighted back in August, as well as the new XL Power Isome. What I like about the XL Marukyu Isome is that it offers a much bigger profile to the smaller sizes but without being any longer, at around 3 or 4 inches. Perfect for many of my existing LRF presentations.  It should attract bigger fish (more often) and I’m really looking forward to try them on the Plaice.

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