LRF Corkwing
There is nothing like fishing a different patch to get the old mind cogs moving and sharpen the LRF skills. It’s kind of fun to go somewhere blind and see what can be caught and with this in mind my mate Adam jumped in the van and we burned some company diesel along the coast to Weymouth. There is a lot of LRF buzz coming out of this part of the world and with a ton of LRF friendly places to try its no surprise that its caught on big time. First port of call was the local tackle shop and it was nice to see a rack of LRF lures including the obligatory Power Isome and a fair range of Ecogear plastics, good start. The folk in Weymouth Angling even pointed us in the direction of a few marks to fish and what was being caught, all helpful info.

After a slow start we found a few fish in what was a very enjoyable day, first LRF Whiting was a bonus and this one taken on a Reins tube.

Reins Micro Tube Lure

Plenty of Pollack, Gobies and Pout where obliging along with Corkwing Wrasse and a Goldsinney for Adam. Throw in a Scorpo or two and we had a respectable tally. I even got briefly attached to something quite substantial for a minute before getting done. I guessed it was a Mullet but can’t be sure. I would recommend anyone to give Weymouth a try, we fished in an Easterly wind during daylight and still had plenty of fish. There are local LRF meets that if I were just a bit closer to I would attend in a hot minute. It’s a great idea that I hope will catch on around the coast.

Weymouth LRF Meets

Closer to home and most of my LRF is after dark at the moment. Lots of Mackerel still around and catching them on surface lures under lights is lots of fun. Pollack are also getting in on the act with a few better fish around this time of year. This one was taken on an weightless Isome.

LRF Pollack at Night

I stumbled upon some of the very new XL Power Isome recently which is weird as they are not available properly yet but I have some and so far it’s been mixed results. These new worm imitations are 110mm long and basically a bigger version of the baits that have been so successful over the past few years. First thing I noticed is how soft they are and it does not take a big fish to chomp the business end of the worm off without too much effort. But that said, they should be an excellent flatfish lure and could prove deadly next Plaice season. I believe that they are generally available in December and look forward to hearing whats caught next year. Whatever you may think about the lure/bait crossover there is no doubt that Power Isome catch fish and they are a great ‘insurance’ bait to take fishing. I still think that to get the most out of them they are best fished as a lure and expect this to be the case with the XL’s but I can see a lot of anglers using them as a back-up when all else fails and after all, unlike the real thing you can reseal the packet take them home and use them again.

Happy LRF’in.