Tenryu Lunakia Rods

One of the first true Japanese ‘hyper rods’ that we purchased on our light lure adventure – the 1-12g Tenryu Lunakia Sonic. We loved the rod so much that Dan and myself eventually ended up owning one each. And I later went on to purchase the baby 3g Lunakia Sonic too.

The Lunakia Sonic is still a great rod today, but they buck the current trend of extra-fast Light Game rods. They’re not floppy at all. They’re nice and light and crisp. But on the LKS710MH, the blank loads almost all the way to the handle, which offers advantages in casting distance and absorbing the surges of larger fish. If you need proof, I’m pretty sure Dan landed his lure-caught Smoothhound on one. No mean feat!

The Sonic is a casting tool really. Works well for launching tiny soft plastics. Threw quite a lot of Caro in the early years too. It would be a fabulous slow retrieve rod because of the great balance between both give and feel. Two attributes that rarely sit side by side. It’s an amazing achievement from Tenryu, one of Japan’s remaining, true ‘made in Japan’ rod blank manufacturers. In summary, a special light lure rod for retrieving techniques.

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Tenryu Lunakia Spinning Rods

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Wrasse on Tenryu Lunakia

Wrasse on Tenryu Lunakia Rod

Lunakia Sonic LKS710MH