Decoy DJ-95 Assists

If you enjoy fishing metals and would like to expand the targetable species then the Decoy DJ-95 Mini Assist Twin are the way forward. If you’ve spent any time on this blog you’ve probably seen these micro assist hooks cropping up from time to time. They are an absolute favourite of mine.

Decoy DJ-95’s are available in a size 8 and a size 10. This really opens up the mini species to nano metal techniques. It’s all to play for – gobies, Corkwing, Sand Smelt, even Goldsinny Wrasse.

You get 2 pairs of assists in each pack. Each pair comes with a tiny Decoy Round Snap which attaches to the loop in the assist cord. Because I’m a bit ‘special’ I actually sit there and attach a size 000 solid ring to the cord loop. You do not need to do this, but I feel it keeps the small presentation neater. If you attempt it you need a very calm, zen kind of day. Definitely no espressos! Super fiddly.

The mini assists feature ‘flashing hooks’ (with flash plate shanks) and holographic tinsel to increase the attraction. As ever, feel free to trim the tinsel if you feel it overpowers the size of the metal you’re using. Flashing hooks are great but they are inherently weak by design, so don’t expect these to last too long. It’s a set per session kind of hook. But in my mind, worth the extra expense. These assist hooks really open up the target species available. Enjoy!

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