Marukyu Isome Colours
Best Colour Isome Worms
We all have our favourites when it comes to flavoured lures like Marukyu Power Isome and Gulp Sandworm, but a question I see pop up again and again is, “what colour isome worms work best?” I thought it might be useful to share my catch data from the past few years.

Before we get into the highlights of this data I better explain where it comes from. Basically, for the last few years I started logging almost everything I catch. The exception being in competitions where speed is critical. But apart from that, it’s fair. I capture quite a bit of information, but crucial to this particular question I capture, the fish, its length and the successful lure. Hope that makes sense. Don’t want to over complicate things!

Right, what can we learn from these results?

* My most successful colours of isome worms are pink and brown for Power Isome and ‘natural’ for Gulp Sandworms.

* My most successful flavoured lure is the Berkley Gulp SW Slim Sandworm in the Natural colour.

* My most successful size in Marukyu Power Isome is Medium.

How does this relate to what you use and catch on?

I guess I’d say large Isome in the pink is probably the most used flavoured worm in the UK. There’s no denying that the pink colour stands out in dirty or dark water, helping fish locate it. But my personal favourite would be the brown colour. I dig the gold sparkles!

I fish Medium rather than Large because my average hook size has probably dropped for species hunting. Which is when I use flavoured lures.

I definitely feel Gulp has advantages sometimes. I normally switch between the two in a session. I’m not an advocate of mixing Marukyu and Berkley Gulp products together in their respective liquids.

While the stubby Fat Gulp Sandworm definitely attract the bigger wrasse, I normally switch to plastic if I’m targeting them, hence they are lower down on the list.

Hope that helps someone with confidence in what colour Isome worms to buy. Or at least is remotely interesting for someone.

UK stock of these worms goes up and down as I’m sure you already know. Prime Angling down in Worthing get regular deliveries from Japan. They are my regular supplier.
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