Ecogear Jukusei Aqua Katsu Aji Komushi
Second discovery of the day and right alongside the Power Isome Soft in my Japan bundle, was this brand new Ecogear Jukusei Aqua. “A new Ecogear Aqua?”, I hear you say. Yes!

So what does ‘Jukusei’ mean? It translates to something like matured or aged. So genuinely we have a new flavour of Ecogear Aqua. (don’t go mixing it in with your boring old Aqua!)

I notice that the packaging is branded with a new statement – “BAIT LIKE”. So if the original Ecogear Aqua wasn’t deadly enough already, this should be crazy good. The bait-like statement follows through into the available colours, with only very natural, reds, browns and greens available.

All your favourite Aqua lure shapes are available, including Bug Ants, Rock Claw and Milfle, but of course I opted for one of the Aji models – the Katsu Aji Komushi.

I didn’t manage to garner much from the translation of the 2018 catalogue, but I did pick up “significant improvement” – so watch this space!