Tict Custom Reel Parts
Tict Custom Spool & Handle
Tict isn’t necessarily a brand that you instantly associate with fishing reels, but in their quest to make light lure fishing better they have designed an innovative range of custom reel parts that fit both Shimano and Daiwa reels.

The CBS Spool-D is called a ‘Cassette Bobbin System’. The objective is to be able to change your chosen mainline quickly and easily, without having to carry around bulking spare spools. You do this by unscrewing the spool lip which allows access to the ‘bobbin’. Simply swap out the prefilled bobbin for your line of choice and screw back in to position. It’s a neat idea. With different colour, anodized bobbins, the Tict spools look good too.

Tict’s Sensitive Short Custom Handle is another innovative design that fits straight into that whole Japanese balanced approach to light lure fishing. In the quest for more ‘feel’, especially for on-the-drop (OTD) methods, Tict have done away with the handle knob altogether with a design that has you effectively holding the bearing! Of course it’s not that simple, and the design balances comfort as well as sensitivity. The looks aren’t forgotten either, with carbon inserts and matching anodizing to the spool system.

Really nice designs. [seen in-hand at the Osaka Fishing Show 2018]