Shimano Soare 500S

With the current Japanese trend for hyper-light, 5 to 6ft light game fishing rods weighing in at under 60 grams, I couldn’t help but explore the options for a matching reel and try to answer the question, “what is the lightest spinning reel?” Here’s my findings from the 2018 catalogues:

RankMakeModelPrice JPYPrice GBP*Weight
1ShimanoSoare 500S34200£228140g
2DaiwaExist FC LT1000S67000£447150g
3DaiwaTheory 100330000£200155g
4Abu GarciaRevo MGXtreme 1000S42500£283155g
5DaiwaPresso Limited 102550000£333155g
6ShimanoVanquish 1000PGS54500£363155g
ShimanoStella 1000SSS PG79800£532165g

* based on 150JPY to 1GBP