Rock Goby Portsmouth

Looking back at my blog, LRF doesn’t really get going until April. Or so I thought. With 5 days still left of March I can’t quite believe what a great day’s fishing I’ve just had around Portsmouth. Last year I had to drive west to find the early fish.

Water clarity was awful, so it was a case of fishing big, contrasting baits, statically in known fish holding areas. It wasn’t a day to earn cool points by throwing tiny plastics, so I spent the day wriggling whole Isome. Although I caught on Jighead and baby Carolina today, Dropshot came into its own for this type of fishing – especially with that stiff easterly breeze today.

I enjoyed the challenge and clocked up a good few miles circumnavigating my old stomping ground.

Scores on the doors. 5 species. Of note, a 28cm Ballan got the drag singing, a baby Scorpo (always good) and the blackest Rock Goby I ever did see.

We’re there!