Perch on Neko Rig

A change is as good as a rest, so this weekend I grabbed a packet of the AquaWave Straight, some nail weights and hooks, and spent some time on the canal fishing the Neko Rig. Turns out the 3.5″ Straight is just about perfect for Neko. Super supple, takes a nail weight perfectly and tough enough to hold a hook after repeated catches. In pink, I’d be hard pushed to find a better replica of a wriggling lobworm. The local Perch population thought so too.

If you haven’t tried out Neko yet, do it. You’ll be amazed by the action. It’s a great string to your bow whether you fish salt or fresh and something a bit different. Having played around with hook position I’d recommend positioning the hook about a third of way along from the weighted end, for maximum action. Think ‘burrowing worm’.

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