Mark Taylor

After the Hungerford BLAC event on Saturday, Newbury angler Mark Taylor kindly offered to show me around some of his local trout waters. I duly obliged.

It’s been ages since I fished a stream for Trout. It was interesting to hear how Mark had been hooked by the complexities of presenting light lures exactly right. After 20 minutes or so I could see why. It was addictive trying to present your lure naturally to each fish.

We each had a couple of Brown Trout, which as ever brighten your day with their elegant colour scheme. But it was the accidentals that stole the show.

We both had a Grayling. Mine being my first by any method. Mark was as happy about it as I was. It’s probably illegal to celebrate an accidental out of season, but they are such interesting creatures. For instance, I didn’t know about the black spot under the chin. You don’t see the significance in a still photo.

A new species day is always good, but I managed a second one too. My first Minnow. And unbelievably on a lure. I didn’t know minnows got that big!

Great hour or so, somewhere new, in good company. Cheers Mark!