Lure Caught Bass
I promised myself when taking up this lure business that I wouldn’t get consumed by Bass. Not that I don’t enjoy Bass fishing. I do, but I’d seen folk get the silver fever and start to look down their noses at everything else. No sir, I would not become that angler, but it’s very hard to not get a bit obsessed after a brilliant week’s fishing where although the size of the Bass wasn’t huge, and a lot of hours were put into it, the sport was as good as it gets for me locally.

The particular mark I’ve fished recently is almost tailor-made for lure fishing at close range with light tackle. The average Bass size is 30-50 cm so I’m not fishing for specimens but when a fish of any size smacks the lure and hangs on in 3-4 knots of tide the drag on the Stella starts singing and smiles are a plenty. It has taken a bit of figuring out over the last few years though. Any Bass angler will tell you that timing is equally as important as lure choice and if there are plenty around then they will take most things. It’s scratching a Bass from a poor tide that often provides the most satisfaction.

Lets get some Bass porn going then.

Bass on Smith Shad
These little 3-inch Smith shads were a Nantes purchase, nice and black with silver flashes. Not a colour combo I see very often. It was fished Texas but in truth is better on football type Jighead.

Bass on Soft Plastic Stickbait
Love this photo, small Bass on a generic X-layer type lure. More important is the Decoy Jighead which suits the ‘bouncing round in the tide’ style perfectly.

Tenryu Lunakia
Putting the Tenryu Lunakia through its paces.

Bass on Tenryu Lunakia

Better Bass on Lunakia
Keitech Impact Shads. Very nice lures that pick out the better fish.

Hearty Rise Bassforce Net
If you’ve got a pink net then you’ve gotta get some fish in it, otherwise it’s just man jewellery.

Bass for Chris
Chris getting involved in the Bass.

Daiwa Infeet LRF Rod
Chris running in his Daiwa Infeet, lovely rod.

I hope this is the start of a good year. Despite the odd weather this has been my best June for Bass ever. Funny how fishing works and that silver fever grabs hold quicker with every fish.

Hope your getting your string pulled.