TronixPro Rockfish Rods
Tronix LRF Rod Rating

Star of the show for me was the Tronix Pro LRF rod. Although not a brand new item, it was the first time I have got to waggle and flex the little 0.5-7g rated, TronixPro HTO Rockfish UL. There’s one rating that sets this rod apart from the masses of LRF rods now available – the price! You can now get this more-than-adequate LRF rod for just £29.99. That’s a mainstream price and should give everyone an affordable route into light rock fishing and fun. I think we’ll look back in 12 months time and be very thankful that George Cunningham, Managing Director of Tronix had the foresight to get these rods created – it will bring a load of kids and adults into the sport. Demand currently outstrips supply – a good sign of the things to come :0)

In summary, good blank, length and rating to start out. The blank is held back a little by the weight of the affordable guides used but that’s understandable at this price and will hopefully give the owner a reason to upgrade when the bug bites. Fittings and finish are respectable. Price is amazing! Comes highly recommended from me.

For more information visit their Facebook page. Their MD George is an active LRFer!