AquaWave Lock Head Jigheads

It was good to see a new Japanese LRF manufacturer’s products being brought into the UK. George Cunningham of TronixPro is now distributing Viva AquaWave products including lures and jigheads. I hope you can see from the pictures that the AquaWave tackle is quality and their lures have unique designs – I especially liked the look of the tiny 1.3 inch AquaWave Ami which is a shrimp imitation, available in a nice range of colours.

I also really liked the look of both of the jighead designs on display. Both the AquaWave Lock Head and the Rock Bait jigheads have a fine wire hook – very sharp and easy to hook up with small fish.  Both have easy fixing points with a wire loop but feature differing designs in the shape of the head. The Lock Head has a pointed design for a darting action. The Rock Bait has a stand up design, great for fishing worm baits on the bottom. The Lock Head features a lure lock on the hook shank to grip lures and keep them in place.

Other lures include the 1.5 inch Jaco Nail (a strawtail) and the 1.8 inch Shad (a ribbed paddletail).

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