I am in limbo a bit at the moment. After some good Plaice fishing a few weeks ago I find April a funny month to fish on the boat so I often find myself fishing without any real aim or target. This is not a problem, provided I am fishing I am happy but a few very quiet sessions do knock the confidence a bit and no more so than when I am lure fishing. Not that it is all bad, we have seen a few fish on the boat and maybe more importantly we are fine tuning how to present certain lures in certain ways from a boat in readiness for some more productive fishing. Even so, its nice to get a take and put a bend in the rod so we have been fishing some inshore marks where there is always a variety of fish to catch.

One of the better Wrasse so far on the boat fell to Pete on an X-layer and gave a good account of itself on light tackle.

Xlayer Wrasse

It is always good to try some new plastics and before fishing them there are some you just know will catch fish, most of the Reins lures fall into this category and these 3″ Rockvibe shads did not let me down. Lots of eager Pout and this nice Wrasse fell to a drop-shot rigged shad.

Wrasse on Reins 3-inch Rockvibe
It goes without saying I LRF at every opportunity when tide allows and it don’t take much of a Pout to put a healthy bend in the rod, this one taken on my Solpara fell to a drop-shot rigged spaghetti worm. In case you are wondering or don’t know the funky braid is Sunline 0.3PE

Drop Shot Pouting
If I am being honest all the hours spent so far fishing on the boat have been warming up for the Bream, I have tried, hard, but as yet I can’t pin them down. Some cracking early fish have been caught though to nearly four pounds though so it should only be a matter of time before I can really get to grips with catching them on soft plastics.

This is one of the few we had on the boat last year that took a plastic, Adam had this fish of around 2lb on LRF and was one of the highlights of last year full stop.

Black Bream on Daiwa Lure
If the weather behaves then I will be getting out at every opportunity over the next month so watch this space, I hope to report some interesting results.