In some ways this time of year, just before spring is the best time of the year. Some of my favourite fishing is so close I can almost smell the sea air. After what seemed like the longest February ever I will finally be getting out on my boat or wandering the beaches as often as the weather (and the wife) allows! As I write this I am looking at weather forecasts to see if I can target some Plaice over the next few weeks, very quickly May will be here and I will be trying to unlock the Bream on a lure puzzle ( watch this space) and then it’ll be Bass time.

Bass on Megabass X-Layer

I know what you are thinking though, “thats all well and good Dan but who are ya?” Well, funny you should ask. I would describe myself as an angler who over the past few years has increasingly leaned towards lure fishing, be it from a boat or beach if I can swap bait for plastic I will. This isn’t just another Bass fishing blog though, the emergence of LRF and HRF has showed us that a wide variety of species can be caught on lures around our shores. My local ‘patch’ is Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK and I am lucky enough to own a boat with a couple of friends which we launch from Langstone harbour. This means we have access to some cracking fishing grounds on our doorstep. But don’t put me in the ‘holier than thou lure angler’ category, I love most forms of our sport and have time for all aspects of sea fishing, but its fair to say I am a lure junkie!

So I will look to post regularly reports on my fishing, the good days and the bad, along with trying  some new stuff and testing it out.