Black Bream on HTO Tic Tac 3g
HTO Tic Tac 3g Lumo White Stats

What a sensational run for the lightest HTO Tic Tac! HTO’s 3g Tic Tac is a micro metal jig which really proved itself this last week, catapulting it to one of my favourite lures of all time. Looking at the stats it’s easy to see why.

An 11 species haul that included two bream species, one of which is potentially a UK first from the shore! All over a few days this last week.

After listening to a few anglers complain about the fishing recently due to the vast quantities of pin-fry and small sprat building around the South Coast, it became too obvious not to head to the coast for some micro metal action!

I was greeted by dark skies and blustery conditions so the lumo white colour of the Tic Tac was the first lure tied on. And despite these windy conditions I managed to make the tiny 3 gram lure work by choosing the right casting angles and fishing a balanced outfit. The fish let me know I was on to something straight away. Depending where in the water column I fished the lure, resulted in what species I caught.

Fishing a slow retrieve through or just below the insane shoals of baitfish gave me the best shot at pelagic fish like Launce and Mackerel. Whilst jigging the lure vertically near the bottom attracted wrasse, pouting and weever.

The highlight was of course the Axillary Seabream which was a complete head-scratcher as I swung the foreign fish to hand. For that catch alone this lure will remain a memorable one for me. But even without it, a ten species tally would have been a highly notable achievement.

As ever, I made the most of the bites by tuning the Tic Tac with my favourite size 10 DJ-95 assist hooks from Decoy.

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