HTO French Fry Lures
The HTO French Fry has landed.

The French Fry might look familiar to some of you, especially if you were / are involved in the ‘wasping’ scene (catching a good length of Perch in competition). This is a modified version of that lure which would have to be my most successful canal / street-fishing lure of all-time. In fact, it was almost solely behind my national street fishing title in 2015.

The modification I was making – now applied to the French Fry – was to cut down a specific amount from the head end to position the hook-point nearer the centre of the lure to maximise hook-up rate with small fish. It also produced a flat front that married better with most styles of jighead.

HTO were able to produce 5 colours based on my most successful across canal and sea. There is something in this colour range to suit all water clarities you might experience throughout the year. That’s what I like about the multi-colour pack that features two of each colour. It’s a great kit to get you started.

The French Fry is also available in individual colour packs of 10 and a bigger HTO ‘Go! Box’ with a range of jigheads.

The colours are:
* Motor Oil
* Blood Worm
* Solid White
* Clear Pink
* Blue Iwashi