Spine Rig For Perch

Messing around with the Spine Rig at the canal earlier this week. The Spine Rig offers a particularly finesse presentation of soft-plastic lures where the lure stays horizontal on fall. It can also be made to dart upwards, erratically.

What sets this apart from Jighead rigging is that the weight is more centrally balanced, hence a more horizontal presentation. This horizontal position is more natural looking and also slows down the fall rate.

The magic comes from utilising a jig hook (like a jighead hook without the weight). When rigging, the hook enters just behind the head of the lure, so once mounted, the eye and line-tie is positioned behind the head of the lure. That helps to balance the lure, but it’s the addition of a tiny nail sinker that really balances the rig. This is just inserted into the face of the head, slightly below centre. Everything has to be straight and true, so spend some time and attention when rigging your lure. I feel pintails and flukes are best suited to this rig.

The lure I chose on this day was about as small as I have used. A 50mm Hart Rock & Street Micro Fish (a tiny mylar minnow) which I mounted on the new HTO Light Game MVP hook in size 6. I used a tiny 0.6g tungsten nail sinker to balance it. A nice rig that I will return to.