Marukyu Isome rig
No doubt you will have come across previous debates about whether Marukyu Isome is a lure or an artificial bait, and the reality is it doesn’t matter which. But certainly opinions differ from country to country. This Marukyu Isome Rig was released in Australia and I think, mainland Europe, but I don’t think they ever made their way to the UK.

This Marukyu branded Isome Rig pack includes a bright red sinker with an integrated, fixed boom. Very Japanese. There are two separate 2-hook traces or rigs – both the same. Size 4, red, Japanese shore worm hooks are adorned with single red beads and clip to the boom via a snap link.

There’s no denying this is a bait fishing rig. Similar to what I would expect in Japan and Australia to catch sand whiting. I’m surprised these didn’t make their way to the UK as our boundaries to LRF are pretty casual. I’m not about to start using multi-hook rigs for my LRF, but thought this was an interesting item to share.