Tict Stamen Case

I love fishing Caro style, and when I fish this method I grab my Tict Stamen Case. It holds pretty much everything I need for a session: caro controllers, caro weights, swivels, stops and of course, hooks and jig heads.

Compartments are configurable in the normal way using the provided dividers. But what sets the plastic box apart is that half its volume is devoted to slit-foam, and that slit foam harnesses two closable boxes for small tackle items like swivels and lure clips. It really is a nice tackle box for LRF. You don’t have to use it for Caro fishing tackle. It would do a fine job with jig heads in the slit foam and soft-plastics in the open compartments.

The Tict Stamen Case comes in three colours; smoke (as seen here), white and red. Outer measurements are 210 x 156 x 28mm