Daiichi Seiko Itokuzu Winder
Dai-ichi Seiko is one of my favourite Japanese tackle manufacturers, and the Itokuzu Winder is a great example of their excellent design and innovation.

So what is the Daiichi Seiko Itokuzu Winder? It’s basically a line bin for unwanted mono and braid. It’ll store all those little bits you snip off every time you re-tie a lure. Plus, if you experience a nightmare ‘birds nest’ and have to cut it all out, the Itokuzu Winder will gobble that all up too.

To store the unwanted fishing line, just push it into the opening and wind the dial on the outside of the winder. The disc inside has teeth that grab the line and wind it up – much like winding spaghetti around a fork. Once it goes in, it doesn’t easily come back out and stops unwanted line getting tangled up with everything. I used to put waste line in my zipped pocket but it eventually gets snagged in the zip. This marvellous tool solves all that. Then when you get home and can safely dispose of the line, just unclip the lid and pull out the bundle of old line. Either recycle the line or cut it into small pieces and put it in the rubbish bin.

Carrying the Itokuzu Winder is easy. It’s a light item and fits nicely in your pocket. There is also an eyelet which you could attached a small carabiner and just clip it on your fishing bag.