34 Freely Slim Case
34 Light Game Case
Another cool JDM item that made it home with me from my 2018 Japan trip – the 34 Freely Slim Case.

Based on the Meiho Light Game Case J, these colourful lure boxes come in bright yellow and bright blue. They also feature a large 34 logo in gold. Pretty cool.

In terms of innovation, the 34 Freely Slim Case has a slim design, ideal for the kind of thin lures perhaps most associated with Aji-fishing. Why carry around a box of air when you’re travelling light? Also, the lack of unwanted space inside means lures have less chance of turning over on themselves and becoming bent. The moulding of these lure boxes mean you can easily clip two together, back-to-back. Line up the tabs and the two boxes slide together with a reassuring clunk. The Freely Slim / Light Game Case J features the newer Meiho texturing to the inside of the lid. This dimpling reduces the effect of light, soft plastic lures sticking to the lid and flying out when you open the box. A neat idea and clever design.