The Big Lerfin' Fundraiser 2021
Searching for positivity in the February gloom? Well, good news this week in the form of a new LRF species competition planned for early July 2021, down in Weymouth. Early details look good. With plenty of prizes on offer, across not just total species, but biggest fish, coolest catch, and most species on hard lures, this is likely to be a fun event no matter what your style.

Ben Bassett is behind the event and a safe pair of hands having already run a similar event last year. But this year, his (and your) efforts are going to a great cause. Renowned British underwater film-maker, Jack Perks (Springwatch, Countryfile, etc) is raising money to fund a high-quality short film about our fish species, entitled “Britain’s Hidden Fishes”. I’d love to see that and I’m pretty sure most of you would too. So if we can help by donating £20 to have a jolly-nice-day-out down in Weymouth, fishing with our buddies in the sun(?), I’d say that’s a no-brainer. Wouldn’t you?

Currently, any further details are being displayed on a dedicated Facebook page, here – The Big Lerfin’ Fundraiser 2021

If you have access to Facebook, please do show your interest in the event by clicking the ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ button.

But critically, ‘interest’ only isn’t going to get this fishy film made! So I encourage you to go to the official FUNDING PAGE, scroll down and find the ‘Blenny Member (LRF Fishing)’ perk shown there, clearly displayed with the event logo, and pay your twenty-quid to secure your place this summer. I’ll see you there!