Perch on Hearty Rise Rock n Force
HTO Hearty Rise Rock n Force Rod
HTO Rock n Force Perch
Heads up! For 2016, HTO has collaborated with premium rod manufacturer Hearty Rise, bringing in a range of high-end rods from their ‘Rock n Force’ range.

When I say high-end, I really mean it. You’re going to have to hold your breath for the price, but these are all-out, no-expense-spared, hyper rods. We’re talking premium, high carbon blanks with crisp, extra fast actions (both solid and tubular), Fuji titanium SiCs, Fuji skeleton seat, etc. The 5g model weighs in at a jaw-dropping 65 grams :0o

I was lucky enough to share a few hours with the 1.5-14g when we were looking at the range and it was a very sad day when I had to give it back. Extremely tight blank. I was throwing my normal 1g, 1-inch perch jigs and it still had sensitivity, despite having a huge amount of power in reserve. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be the model I would choose for that job, but it was a good test for sensitivity. First thought was it would make an epic Zander rod. Light and sensitive, but with the power to set every hook-hold and handle that fish of a lifetime when she comes along.

I’ve been using Hearty Rise rods since 2012 (Dan longer than that) and I’m a big fan. My Bassforce UL and Dan’s original Top Gun have seen some serious action over the years and I’m more than comfortable with recommending these rods.

For more information, visit the shiny new Tronix website : HTO / Hearty Rise Rock n Force