Doiyo Blaze Micro Craw
Doiyo Blaze Rabbit Craw
Wrasse on Rabbit Claw
Something new (I think) and very cool. Check out these micro creature baits that we found in Holland!

Both 1.5 inch, the Micro Claw is a little beauty. The arms / claws are hollow and consequently buoyant. Having tried them in the week, I can say they have an awesome action and while I wasn’t sure on the bright pink colour I acquired, they caught a good number of fish.

The equally tiny Rabbit Claw features great detail and a super-soft body. While it doesn’t have an obvious action, again it caught well when fished on a tiny Texas rig.

The moment I saw these I instinctively thought ‘LRF’, but I’m sure they’ll be superb for Perch too. Hopefully someone in the UK will supply these.