Made a visit to Millennium Pier in Gosport on Saturday night. I’ve fished here a few times and always enjoyed it, although I haven’t yet managed to replicate the flounder I used to catch here on bait.

I can’t say I planned this trip. Always seems to be a load of people leaving as I arrive at a venue! Although, was good to have the place to myself. Ended up arriving at low water. But despite a little breeze causing a few issues to overcome, the slack allowed me to scale right down and cash in.

Bites were immediate with the little critters taking advantage of slack water and getting out-and-about. In fact I had 3 species in my first three casts – a Sand Smelt, a tiny Pouting and a Black Goby. As I searched around the entire pier for something more unusual, it became apparent that the gobies were out in force. A number of Blacks were interrupted by handsome Rock Gobies and then I hooked a small Ballan Wrasse which ran me ragged in a confined space. Alas, I didn’t find the flounder, but every drop felt hopeful. I will be back!